Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Introducing: Quake2World

Quake2World skeleton pointing grenade launcher at you

Recently, I became friends with an open source first-person shooter: Quake2World (q2w). As the name indicates, it uses an idTech2-based engine and currently aims to have Quake 2's mechanics.

Although development seems to be centered around graphical features at the moment, the game is sexy and fun. There are no bots so far and only a minimal selection of servers, so you'll have to ask for some company on #quetoo@freenode, which is the community's home.

The project is looking for code and content contributors. The current policy is to allow content licensed under GPL/CC-licenses/Zlib/MIT/WTFPL (although I believe that some of the included content is not compatible with any of these).


Hsien said...

jdolan sure loves to exploit another company's trademark. There's also scavenger artwork and some hypocrisy:

Anonymous said...

And why do we need YAQC (yet another quake clone)?

Andrew said...

I like the song in the video.

I wish the author the best of luck with Quake2World but I have to ask, when will the open source community have enough fps games? :/

Mantar said...

Probably about the same time that commercial developers decide that *they* have made enough FPS games.

saleel said...

one thing is noticable that is graphical features. the song which is in video is too good

jdolan said...

hsien ~ A few of points worth noting about your little remark..

1) id Software is aware of Q2W, and holds no objection to it.

2) Q2W is not yet released, and some assets are in a placeholder status.

3) I find the term "scavenger art" particularly hilarious coming from the Open Arena team, since it effectively defines your entire project.

4) Artists and players are fleeing OA to help with and play Q2W.

To those questioning the premise of "yet another Quake game," I can only suggest that you try it. Most people who have find that it lives up to its mission statement rather well.

Anonymous said...

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