Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eying Eisenstern And Eye Candy

I had a few links collecting that I wanted to get off my chest. Nothing is worse than having a folder full of old links that would have been interesting, but are now out of date. That's a lie, I accidentally drank off-milk this morning - that was worse. Still, I'm digressing!


Significantly better than off-milk, is the activity burst on the new Eisenstern development effort. Basically the lead Sauer devs, who had been creating Eisenstern as a side project from their work on Sauerbraten, have turned it over to the community. The community has regrouped using Sourceforge and now (with 24 registered team members) it is one of the most active projects on the whole of Sourceforge. Using the rapid collaborative level creation abilities of Sauerbraten as well as all the other features that hard work has delivered over the years, I predict good things for Eisenstern - to finally fulfil that void of a good Free Software single player first person role playing game. Or, if you love acronym overload, a FOSS SP FPS RPG. Or FSFR if you love acronym acronyms. I'm digressing again... it's a bad habit!

The Apricot Project is coming to the final stages of it's effort, and thus the game Yo Frankie! nears it's official release. It looks really, really good. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay looks fun too. Here's the video:

Blender 2.48 just got released, and it includes many improvements contributed by the Apricot Project during it's development of Yo Frankie!. (That '!' messes with my grammar, but I'll resist the temptation to digress.) It looks like a real boost to the Blender Game Engine as a platform for creating games:

Blender 2.48 includes all the work done on the Blender Game Engine and the Apricot Open Game "Yo Frankie!", with much better functioning game logic editing, character animation, and Blender Material based real-time shaders. And as last minute surprise a Bullet physics update with Softbody support.

Warzone2100 2.1-beta5 came out at the end of September, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. Well \o/ it just got mentioned here! Erm, but, back on topic, WZ 2.1 is approaching "super stableness" which is always a good thing. Check it out if you love your 3D future war RTS games and open source. :-)

And to round off, lately there have been some awesome contributions to Vega Strike. There's some real eye candy to be had here. This alien space base or this massive space ship are two intimidatingly beautiful examples. There's plenty more to be found. (Disclaimer: I may have posted some of this before, I'm a big fan of the project.)

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qubodup said...

Wow this vega strike looks awesome, but why don't I want to play it still? :(

Also: Eisenstern looks different than that already :)

Charlie said...

I'll put a different screenshot in if you provide one.

qubodup said...

Here ya go!

Chris Lees said...

Sorry... I tried playing Vega Strike because I thought it would be somewhat like a 3D version of Escape Velocity. Vega Strike looks like it could be a good game, and those new graphics look nice, but it's too slow-paced for me.

Hsien said...

The reason why 2.1 beta 5 is never mentioned anywhere because it is a beta. They stated they're getting closer to a stable 2.1 release, so any big news OMG OMG BETA 5 OUT would stifle their wanted 2.1 final release fanfare.

Mantar said...

Vega strike is actually fast paced... For an Elite-like. Different strokes for different folks..

Anonymous said...

I have another website suggestion. There isn't a link to the blog from this site. A couple of posts it was suggested that readers went there instead and I agree somewhat, but there's no way to navigate there from this site.

qubodup said...

ozzy: the planet is linked as "news" :)

Anonymous said...

Ah , so it is. That doesn't make much sense though does it?

qubodup said...

It doesn't?

Well, it's better than "planet" I think. Few people know what that is.

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