Monday, November 03, 2008

Shared open source game media

Free Art Search shared media map

Free Art Search, the svn/cvs/git media tracking application developed by hagish and ghoulsblade, now has an overview over the data that is shared between different projects.

I find this tool very exciting! It shows how open sourcing media does help projects and if it was more detailed, one could see what media-demand exists.


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog :)

I hate to include yet another link, but I just found this today:

Andrew said...

Interesting idea, I hope you can improve it into the future.

Tyler Olsen said...

That's really cool. I had no idea Lands of Elderlore were borrowing our artwork. Or maybe they're "re-borrowing" the Wesnoth artwork that we borrowed ;)

Andrew said...

I've been trying to use this site but it's very difficult.

I click on the image and get a lot of useless text and have to scroll down to the image again, when I click on the image a second time it links to the same page instead of the image. I feel like the image should be at the top of the page, I don't care about the other stuff until I have determined the image is useful.

I keep hitting the view button only to get information on the picture and not the picture itself, that doesn't make sense to me.

No option to filter or search by license.

There's no way to tell how big or small an image is, just by looking at a list of photos, you'll see a picture that you want, click through to get it and it'll be too small for your needs.

The license text is way too complicated look at this as an example. If you want this to be usable it needs to be easy to know what I can do with it. I suggest that you put easy categories that you can assign an image ( can re-distribute, can't sell, must remain free ).

Buttons on the images are too small and don't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the current layout is more programmer art but i just added the image on the top of the item detail page.

The problem with the licenses is that its not possible to automatically determine the license of the media items and manually checking all item licenses is not possible.

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