Monday, November 14, 2011

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 Changes and Videolog

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 is out! Features are:

  • Complete settlement AI (details here)
  • Combat and diplomacy system
  • Increase in performance (partially thanks to FIFE)
  • Support for internationalized voices (right now available: de, en, fr)
  • Nine new buildings, one new ship (here are some)
  • New statistic widgets
  • Usability and interface improvements (for example the in-game menu)
  • New maps and a parameters-based map generator
The original announcement is here and some more details about the new features here.

Development is active and they are on the lookout for people to help out or even join:

  • 2D/3D/Animation artists can find some tasks here
  • Naval public domain painting lovers can help by finding some background art
  • Interested in mechanics/story? Share your ideas for catastrophes!
  • Interesting screenshots and videos should be posted here
  • Feedback is needed for this release. It can be shared on the forums or IRC room.

Translators, sound artists, programmers, game designers, writers and voice artists can also help. The get involved  page will let you know how to get started.

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 Screenshot 12
Pioneer and settler buildings

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 Screenshot 11
Shooting pirates

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 Screenshot 9 - Translucent Environment
Translucent environment

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