Saturday, November 26, 2011

Open Source RPG News, Freedroid and IrrRPG builder

The wayward Goat strikes again!

Freedroid 0.15 rc 1:

The plucky, 'puter punching penguin hack 'n slash RPG stalwart has had a new release recently, reaching the 0.15 rc milestone (how many years will it take them to get to 1.0, I wonder?)

It adds lots of things, new quests, new guns, new abilities, UI fixes, editor tweaks... Lots of development happening there, so check it out!

EDIT: Thanks to shirish for pointing out that it's still at rc 1 stage, and thus not a final release.

IrrRPG Builder Alpha 2

A project that looked promising, and that I almost forgot about, is the RPG game IDE, IrrRPG Builder. Finally, a basic battle system is implemented, and the scripting system was improved as well, so it's getting pretty close to being feature complete.

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