Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reddit Game Jam 06 (March 25 to 27)

 All the screens I could find of RGJ 1-5 submissions

Reddit Game Jam 06 starts March 25 and ends two days later (22:00 UTC).
Anybody can participate. Those who can't code should get together with coders in a team. Team size this time is unlimited.
FOSS is encouraged, not required. [full rules]

From the subreddit's sidebar:
A game jam is an event during which all participants create games according to a provided theme within a short amount of time (usually between two days to a week). The Reddit Game Jam hosts game jams as part of the wonderful Reddit community.
Anybody can participate, experienced or newbie, flash developer or C hacker.
The main goal of this game jam is to be a learning experience for everyone involved. There is nothing to win except for fame, comments and of course karma."

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