Wednesday, March 09, 2011

PyWeek 12 is upon us! - Also: Python Game Book wiki and Spielend Programmieren

Take this for not doing your own "thing, number" logo! ;)

PyWeek 12 is a game challenge/competition. It goes for a week. It starts on 2011-04-03.

It's kind of open source: code needs to be visible, FSF license list is recommended, open source license appears not to be required though. See rules for rules.

Screens of PyWeek11's entries

Here's the initiator's blog (+feed) - in case you're the stalker type. I know I am. :)

PGB and SP banners/logos

Horst, a Wien-based friend of FOSS hosts the Python Game Book wiki and Spielend Programmieren ("Programming by Playing") which is a wiki used for his courses teaching kids to make games using open source tools and libraries. There might be a guest post by him on this blog sooner or later.

Some cool kids on his YT channel.. I hope you like das German.

PSA for psychodelic PyGame Hirnschoner

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