Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Crap! M.A.R.S. 0.7.0!

Grave-Itation Pit!

I don't like gravity shooters. In fact I don't like them so much I don't play them. They require more precision and skill than I want to give and are unforgiving.

It is ridiculous that I like one gravity shooter though. A ridiculous one. M.A.R.S.

So.. new version.. let my just copy-paste that changelog.. OH MY DOG THEY HAVE A VISUAL CHANGELOG!
  • new music (by Obsidian Shell)
  • new game mode (Grave-Itation Pit)
  • improved AI (collect powerups, use specials, kick more butt)
  • new planet gfx
  • new ships
  • new specials (Freezer, Fire Wall)
  • gamepad support (tested with Xbox360 controller)
  • more languages (total of 15)
But seriously, check out their changelog!

Updates since the 0.7.0 release:
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