Friday, February 18, 2011

Space Combat

Space combat tutorial [MUTE (couldn't record audio on win)]

Space Combat is a low-end 3d space shooter/simulator and holds promise through it's low-entry-curve tutorial*, which features computer voice. The voice is obviously-generated, although I couldn't find out what software was used.

Asteroid Field in Space Combat

Space Combat runs on Windows (couldn't run it using Wine unfortunately [Linux port request here]).

The project has two positions to be filled:

Mission designer
  • Missions (and campaigns) are XML-files that contain lists of objects and scripts. You can also create own AI-scripts.
3D Modeller
  • The game is in need of 3d objects for space ships, stations, objects...
This makes me wonder: can any developer report success at using's Help Wanted system? (Even for getting art creators on board? :) ) Or do you perhaps know of other such listings projects could use?

*I didn't get much further yet ^^

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