Sunday, February 13, 2011

OpenMW 0.9 and DungeonHack Progress

OpenMW 0.9 is now available for download. Features:

  • Exterior cells - loading, unloading and management
  • Character Creation GUI
  • Character creation
  • Make cell names case insensitive when doing internal lookups
  • Music player
  • NPCs rendering

No screenshots I'm afraid!

DH concept art from the "clothing the Estonian" thread

DungeonHack will have a new software architecture [git repo], estimated to be showcased very soon. [announcement]

I noticed that both projects have a "Contributions Wanted" link which leads to their milestone/roadmap tickets (on a wiki page) [dh/owm]. I get the feeling it's time to start using trac, as does PARPG for example. :)

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