Wednesday, February 09, 2011

FreeGameDev Wiki phpBB integration, propaganda & contributions

FGD Forum + Wiki

As an anti-spam and pro-convenience measure, you can now log into the FGD Wiki using your FGD Forum phpBB account!

Please test this and comment on this post or start a thread if there are any inconveniences. :)

We're interested in a major re-structuring of the wiki by the way, suggestions are welcome.

Have you found the Free Gamer Blogger in you yet?
Join us...

By the way, you might not have noticed it but we also welcome guest posts! See this thread for information.

Propaganda time!

And if you feel like spreading the word about our community a little, you're welcome to use these gfx/templates.

Provide feedback:

Due to SPAM issues we have disabled public commenting here.

But feel free to join our forums or easily chat via IRC with us.