Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quantum and PyDays


Quantum is a simple, minimalist-look rts game in which you try to control a network of planets. It can be played in multiplayer mode against human players and provides a Java Webstart package for a one-click start (works for me). It is a clone of Dyson.

The game reminds me of qonk a lot. Both share a similar look, are about conquering planets with the help of dots and the computer enemy can be hard to overcome. Quantum is more complex, as unit creation has to be managed but also provides an automatic waypoints mechanic. Qonk's planets are moving, which make the game a bit more fast-paced.

KGB Training Simulator, PyDay 6 entry

PyDay #6 just finished. The 24 hour python game development competition's topic was "surveillance", which mostly resulted in "move around and avoid triangular fields of view" games.

To rate all nine games, you will have to register and open the projects' pages.

Caterpillar Fever Dream, PyDay 5 winner
Two weeks ago, PyDay #5 ended. The theme was "lettuce" and it produced eight entries. The winner of that competition was Caterpillar Fever Dream (uppercase removed o_O), a snake-dig-asteroids salad bowl.

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