Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Open Source Games Funding Survey

Open Source, Coin and JoysticClipart! - Thanks Tranberry!

A survey was started to explore the potential of open source gaming business. It consists of 20 detailed questions about how you would fund games and what acts of commercialism you consider moral for free software. Time to fill it in!

Just so you know what we're facing here ;)Survey 'preview'

The questionnaire has been created by Andrew Fenn, lead dev of Hardwar (a Hardwar remake ^^), who announced it in the FGD Forum and later, on his blog.

The survey was inspired by a similar one by evit, which unfortunately was not well formulated and rather Linux-centered, than free software-centered.

Another drawback of evit's survey is that the results were not published. Andrew's survey's results will be published on his blog (and will not contain any critical data like IP address of course). So as I said, take your time to participate.

Also: support the survey through digg and fsdaily! :)


KIAaze said...

The FSDaily link seems to be down. :(

KIAaze said...

FSdaily working again. :)

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