Saturday, December 13, 2008

Word War vi 0.24, Daggerwind Scrolls, jClassicRPG music, Yo Frankie! download

Word War vi is now downloadable as version 0.24. I'm having an awfully great time playing it (even if it took me some months to finally get over myself and resolve some dependency problems at first). I especially like how I can use my xbox 360 controller for playing and how it's rumble function is used. Word War vi is the most high-tech retro arcade shooter you can get your hands on right now.

One super thing about it is that development and tweaking is being influenced by player criticism a lot. So for posting feedback on the game, use this thread.

Daggerwind Scrolls
Daggerwind Scrolls is a traditional 1st/3rd person CRPG dungeon crawl game written using C# for Mac OS X. Its a fan based project inspired by 'The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall', Bethesda Softworks 1994.
I haven't given it a try (and won't do as long as there are no for-*nix instructions).

I now count four bigger The Elder Scrolls-related open source projects: Daggerwind Scrolls and DungeonHack (Daggerfall-inspired game projects), OpenMW and The Crystal Scrolls (Morrowind engines).

jClassicRPG's first soundtrack was released on Jamendo. The music was composed by the project's developer and there will be many more track additions in the near future, I presume.

Yo Frankie! logo, in case you missed it ;)

Apricot (aka yofrankie) is now available for download. Is your definition of a video game "video game engine plus media"? I think Yo Frankie! shows that this is not true. :|

Should you download it? Sure, why not? Do it at least for checking out how cool it looks (if your machine can take it) and to watch the video tutorials (if you're into Blender editing at all).


  1. In case you're going to complain about how the open source community doesn't work together and wastes effort, please first talk to the communities, tell them about the other projects, ask them why they don't work together and then come back and complain. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I hate to be the grammar police, but I believe Yo Frankie is *now* available for download.

    Thanks for the updates on all these neat games! I hope Daggerwind Scrolls gets a cross-platform release soon - looks very neat.

  3. clean3d: hehe, thanks - fixed!

  4. Merkoth2:58 am

    qubo:We did that enginemedia thing with Atmosphir ( and it did pretty well hehe :D

  5. @Merkoth: Atmosphir is very awesome, i've been playing it for a while now. Keep up the good work. Actually I'm pleasantly surprised to see you pop up here.

    @qubodup: I really was expecting more of Yo Frankie then what was given. Somehow it just doesn't feel complete yet.

    Hopefully the community can take it further. Please update us with any efforts to do that.

    Daggerwind Scrolls looks interesting, but I have to ask.. C# on Mac OSX? I didn't realise there was an openGL interface for C#. Hopefully the author can build something great, the lack of quests on the website is worrying, there's hardly any open source games with a story line however I'm sure there are more important things to implement right now on that project.

    I've been keeping close tabs on OpenMW. I really enjoyed Morrowind and an open source engine would be great. Why? Well it's already got a great world editing tools, even if they are closed source and windows only.

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