Sunday, December 28, 2008

Plutocracy, Cheese Boys and Goblin Hack 1.16

Cheese Boys breaking the fourth wall
Cheese Boys is a humorous post-apocalyptic action adventure. The current two-level implementation, that features dialog and fighting already contains a lot of strange fourth wall breaking humor (although it is quite different to Fallout's.)

Goblin Hack 1.16
Goblin Hack (GH) 1.16 is now out with new features, including music by Pascal Provost and new level kinds. Apparently there even is an end game level now, which I assume 0.17% of all GH players will reach. (Ever finished Nethack? Not me. :) )

Plutocracy rev 499
Plutocracy is
a multiplayer 3D RTS game focusing on merchant trade and domination by economic means, although warfare and piracy are always an option. The game has a 1600s Caribbean theme, is played on a real globe, and aims to replicate realistic economic transactions.
I fell in love with it's graphical style, which reminds me of Populous III. I haven't had the chance to play it with anybody else and there are no bots, so I can't say anything about playability, besides the fact that it's easy to lose your units out of sight.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the grammar nazi! You don't want to "lose" your units qubo :D

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the new RC of Supertuxkart. It's seriously getting fun to play!

keul said...

Gosh! Looking at the Cheese Boys screenshots something seems broken! A bug that I'm not able to reproduce! :-(

qubodup said...

Keul: What doesn't look the way it should be?

keul said...

The second image named on flickr "Cheese Boys - Version Philosophy" show the speech "...we are in the south bridge now..." at the same time of a reply that commonly must executed later...

Seems some stupid bug related to the timing!

Panu Kinnari said...

I hear that Plutocracy is in need of developers. Interested people should head to

I tried it myself and it feels really nice. Graphics are nice and idea is fresh.

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