Saturday, December 06, 2008

Warzone 2100 Liberation Day 2008 & Interview

Happy Warzone 2100 Liberation Day! Four years ago Eidos released Warzone 2100 under the GPL (see this announcement).

Warzone 2100 GUI proposal

There has been more progress with the new texturing system, but also a GUI system is in the works (both a library called betawidget and an interface proposal) which looks quite impressive compared to the current look. And hopefully the feel will improve too - there are some small unergonomicalities with how assembling tanks currently works.

Warzone 2100 GUI proposal also
Also read this interview if you want to know more about betawidget (it has SVG support!) and future plans for the project. There's also a German translation available.

The WZ wiki has now a page that explains how people can contribute to improving the wiki. For all the MediaWiki-fetishists out here.

Speaking of MediaWiki and fetishism, there's now a LÖVE wiki. Let's see and hope it brings much use!


Jacky J said...

X-Moto 0.5.0 anyone?

Anonymous said...

He's too busy playing X-Moto's chipmunk levels to report it. :-)

qubodup said...

Is it possible to play the chipmunk stuff already?

Andrew said...

It would be cool to see what Warzone looked like just after it was open sourced and how it looks today.

I don't know if you can do that or not but it'd be interesting to see the difference graphically.

qubodup said...

Andrew: The current official wz2100 thing isn't different to the old look.

As soon as there is an official release with a new look, I'm sure there will be before-after-image shows. And if not, I'll create some :)

Andrew said...

So in the four years it has been open sourced nothing has changed? : /

qubodup said...

I think the max resolution was increased.

Also mipmaps were introduced, that were double the previously used size, but the images for these were simply up-scaled old tiles.

Regarding models and textures, nothing has changed. A lot of other stuff has, however, changed.

John Z said...

typo in the title:
Inverview -> Interview

qubodup said...

John Z: Thx, fixed.

RandomPSUStudent said...

Hey, any plans for a release of this new UIanytime soon, it looks awsome!

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