Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hex Tower Defence and Java vector tools

HexTD close view
Hex Tower Defence is a Java-powered tower defense game inspired by the unfree, flash-based VectorTD.

You can play it inside the browser or grab hold of the code and install/compile it with the help of these instructions.

Gazelle desktop
HexTD uses the SVG Salamander Java vector library. It's author is Mark McKay, who is also working on an animation suite, which supports Scalable Vector Graphics: Gazelle.
Gazelle is a movie editor that makes it easy for you to create short keyframed animations on your computer.

There are some tutorial videos available. I look forward to playing around with Gazelle, as I'm very interested in using SVGs to create (animated) game media or to even use them directly in games.

HexTD gameplay (likely to be found boring ;) - also there's no sound by default)


qubodup said...

defence = defense

British English

Anonymous said...
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