Friday, June 27, 2008


Today I gave DccNiTghtmare a try. I learned about the project on the LGT.

DccNiTghtmare (aka DNT) is a project to make a Free (as in free speech) 3D single player RPG in a sarcastic post-apocalyptical world. Any suggestions are welcome, just put them at our forum.

How convenient! I'm a big fan of apocalyptic settings, single-player games, sarcasm, free software and projects that encourage participation!


First impressions after starting: Weird music, strange resolutions limitation, interesting races (Headbanger, Strange Autistic, Mutant Human Cricket, Human Llama).

The controls are contumacious and the graphics engine is either slow or unstable (it either crashes or slows down to unplayable speed when I exit the first area.) This means that I can't say much about playability. The clown care seems right though. So if you're into bizarre humor, you should get DNT, just to be able to read the race/class descriptions.

XUT screenshot detail

DNT is a project by DNTeam, "a group of developers and artists involved on creating free (as in libre, livre) games projects." Another game they're working on is XUT, a Button football game. It looks like fun, but there is no release yet. Unfortunately it is under "not so active development."


Unknown said...

The slow frame rates (or crashes) after the first area is related to the particles system (or, more specific, to the absent of GL_Point extensions). Just disable the particles system at options and the game should work (I hope) (at next version we'll disable particles if the system is without the needed extensions)...
By the way, there's not much to see for now (just 3 areas and 1 mission), and our music is not weird, it just smells funny...

qubodup said...

I disabled everything and restarted and the slowdown still occurred. Might be related to drawing the whole area instead of only the visible part of it?

Unknown said...

Maybe... We have View Frustum Culling, but only for scenary, not for the terrain (after the texture splatting implementation I forgot to reimplement culling to terrain)... And maybe the farview plane is also too far for your video card (an option to control the drawning distance is something we must do).

Anyway, we can do some optimizations to the outdoor rendering (I'll put them on the roadmap for 0.3 version). Just to easy our debug work, what video card are you using?

qubodup said...

GeForce FX 5200

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