Thursday, May 01, 2008

OpenArena 0.7.6

OpenArena likes furries

OpenArena 0.7.6 is out. (direct link to Win+Lin+Mac zip archive) More maps, more models/skins, more game modes and a new tagline!

OpenArena is a violent, sexy, multiplayer first person shooter

For 0.8.0 also planned: more music! (There isn't any right now.)

If you're hosting an OA server, you might want to upgrade. And if you know someone who hosts a server, tell them to upgrade, will ya? The general tendency seems to not know about the new release. O_o

Robot-looking stuffs are cool

The site has a new look (you might want to keep your eyes closed though.) Also, there seem to be some troubles with the new version. I didn't experience any problems, except for the low amount of up-to-date servers.

Nexuiz on the other hand, behaved badly, when I tried the then-fresh 2.4 release for the first time. Fortunately an emergency hotfix thread was opened and patched versions posted. If you encountered problems with the game and didn't bother to try to find a cure, simply download the most recent patch.

Turrets. Yepp.

Tremulous 1.2 will never be released. Or maybe it will. Whatever. Does it read like I don't bother too much? Yes. Why? Because I recently discovered that some servers had configurations, which allow a very different gameplay. For example: PornServ. The teams get many many building points, build buildings faster and more frequently, which allows for totally new strategies. For example: The tower rush, a tactic usually known from Real time strategy games.


Goupil said...
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Anonymous said...

"Invalid game folder" and the servers I can connect to have bots.. I wasn't impressed...

qubodup said...

anony: well, I wasn't either. But you've probably guessed that it's not an issue with the new release, but rather with server hosts not knowing about the new release.

Keith Z-G said...

Err, sorry, I'm a bit unclear. Are you not caring about 1.2 because some servers are playing it with weird settings that you don't like (and maaaan are the UT games known for that, their only major flaw IMHO, given enough time nearly every server is running wonky and more importantly less balanced and fun settings), or is it that a world of odd possibilities has opened up and so you aren't anxious at all for a new release?

Personally your post reminded me that Tremulous exists, and so I think I'll give it a whirl next time I have a group of folks over for a LAN party :)

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