Saturday, May 24, 2008

News snippets & Big Buck Bunny aka Peach DVD released!

The Apricot open game project is going to open their code/media repository. Packagers are needed to help the project:

if you know something about packaging and bug tracking/solving write to us ! Apply to: res[-a-t-]

OpenFrag 0.5.2 has been released on the project's fifth anniversary. You can get it here and read about the features in this thread.

Ardentryst by Jordan Trudgett is a side-scrolling fantasy rpg that focuses on story and character development. It's python-based and I was able to run it just like that! (it's only one level though.) It even has voices!! (well, ok - only in the intro.)

BBB box

The open movie project Big Buck Bunny (BBB) DVD lay in my mailbox (the real one) today! The movie is what I expected it to be: cute, pretty, shallow, a bit funny. It runs for eight minutes and contains fifteen seconds of grotesque post-credits 'outtake' which some of you might find offensive. O_o

BBB - A graphical glitch!

I'm disappointed about one thing though: The movie lacks sounds! Many scenes feel incomplete with no ear-feed. This problem would probably not exist, if Freesound, which recently reached a sound file count of fifty thousand, finally would support the use of the cc-by license and the public domain.

Watch BBB in Free Gamer neTV now:

I'm sorry, this isn't very open source games related, is it? A bit maybe. Anyways, you can download a 720p version here.


kachumbali said...

...i have all the sound i want, sourround even...

Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to the upload on vimeo? Were you pressured to take it down even though there's nothing wrong with sharing it, or did someone actually manage to convince vimeo to take it down?

surt said...

I've uploaded it to Google Video here, it is much lesser quality however.

qubodup said...

anony: vimeo's against unoriginal uploads. See this thread for more info.

surt: I'll use your video if you don't mind. I'm uploading to youtube atm (they allow HD it seems)

Juan Pablo Firrincieli said...

the movie is excellent, my doughter of two years love it even more than i.

I saw that glitch but i've no problem with sound, its almost pixar quality.

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