Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vega Strike 0.5.0

After over 3 years of development since the last stable release, many major new features and contributions, and lots of patience, Vega Strike 0.5.0 has finally been released.

There's so much potential in this release. Shader support, movie support, so many active contributors, and a more settled development timeline that should see more regular releases from now onwards. Despite the length of time since the previous release (0.4.3) the project rarely was not in active development. That means that 0.5.0 is a huge update and Vega Strike is poised to return to the high esteem in which it was once held as a FOSS project.

For screenshots check out the gallery but none were recent enough for me to include them here.

Vega Strike is a really cool project and this stable release will hopefully further galvanise the development. If things continue, I have no doubts VS will turn out to be a truly stunning FOSS game. It's pretty damn good already!


Anonymous said...

their screenshot gallery is badly neglected, they even have ringtone spam in one of their galleries ("John")...

Andrew said...

I just checked out the 5.0 release and I am really not impressed with the progress made at all.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which gallery.
The top screenshot gallery has a dozen or so 0.5.0 screenshots.

Multiplayer has taken a lot of doing--and even though it's not fully done, it's pretty workable for lan parties--that's why the improvement may not be as material

Anonymous said...

I usually check the VS site every day in hoped of any updates so when i saw this i was pretty happy, but i wanted to say that the game is very in depth and fun once you get into it, some people say not much progress was done? I would ask tehm to take a look at 0.4.5 and still say that...

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