Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slowly Does It

Ok, I made a few minor improvements... it'll take a while to get this right. My advice; do not hold your breath. You'll die! :'(

Shall I be on-topic for a change with a few game mentions? Ok.

I'll start with Those Funny Funguloids! This 3D "mushroom collecting" game looks gorgeous, sounds lovely, is open source, is simple and fun, but is currently Windows-only. :-( Please port it to Linux, somebody! All the libraries it uses (OGRE, Lua, FMod Ex) work on Linux, so it should not only be feasible but quite easy.

A game that does run on Linux, though, is Widelands. And they just released their latest version of the game. If you remember and like Settlers II then you'll love this. It still feels a little rough, mostly to do with the slightly unintuitive UI and lack of tutorials, but it is definitely getting there.

Music tip:

TV Rock feat. Seany B - Flaunt It (Dirty South mix)

Ok, the rest is diatribe about FG & Blogger so if you don't want to know then don't read on. But you are still reading? Don't blame me. Stop reading!

I had to turn off automatic line breaks. That means going through all 80-something previous posts and manually adding <p> and <br/> tags. Happy happy joy joy! Next task is getting the sortable table to work with the main list. A few more tricks are required, but I'm hopeful it will work eventually - providing a giant sortable list of Free games.

Of course a big list is unwieldy. After I have refined it there will be other lists sprouting up, so don't worry, the format will reflect (to a degree) the nice organised lists that were there once before. :-)

Only Free Software will be in the main lists, although there will be a special page for notable freeware titles. Anyway, once complete, it will all be much more manageable *cheer* and useful *cheer* and generate more hits for when I reinstate Google ads *charlie cheers*.


Anonymous said...

Another suggestion: add link in logo to the main site, it's something like a standard, and I always want to click it to get back.

Charlie said...


Unknown said...

*cheers* exactly what I was going to suggest.

Anonymous said...

The link on right to the games list has '.' instead of '-'...

Charlie said...

Thanks anonymous. I'd never have seen that!!!

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