Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok I had a bad weekend and FG dropped down the priority list something rotten. Just when I needed spare time I had it all robbed by some annoying RL incidents. Normal service will resume probably next week now. Sorry! :-(

The games list is available in a raw raw format here:

Btw if anybody knows why there is a huge gap in that page, tell me... it'll save me a few hours working out why.


ThatJerk said...

The gap is due to the < br / > you got between < / p > and < ul >.

Anonymous said...

You can check things like that easily with firerfoxes DOM inspector (there is also one for Opera). Just open it, check top-left button and click on a free space in page.

You may also want to check top-left corner of your site in bigger res - there is this some gray area.

Anonymous said...

btw, how does one get games added to your list?

specifically I'd like you to check out balder2d (
but I'm sure other people might have other Free games they think are fun.

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