Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh My Word

I didn't have an opportunity to sleep last night so inaccuracy, incompleteness, general rubbishness, etc, to be expected. ;-)

FG has come a long way since it started. I got sortable tables working yesterday for the main list so next step is to fill out the list properly and create the other lists. More tweaking is required on the template, but I think I'm in a position to finish off the upgrade next week. Not today.

In case you hadn't guessed I'm a little light on subject matter today.


TecnoballZ is a breakout game with an anime feel. The graphics have a nice oldskool feel to them, the sound is entertaining, and importantly the game evolves very quickly. Too many breakout games leave you waiting for ages to nail the last few bricks - but with weapons and multi-ball and all kinds of enhancements that quickly build up you never seem to suffer that with TecnoballZ. It's fun for a few minutes. :-)

There's stuff happening over with Windstille, a platform game full of potential. There's a really old gameplay video, and lots of graphics coming out of the woodwork. I hope there'll be a playable release soon because it's just the type of open source game that is missing - a nice looking platformer that plays like Turrican. If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out these freeware Turrican remakes, notably T2002, T4_funeral from the download page - Windows only. :-(

That's enough. My head hurts. Music tip:

Rivera & Padilla - Sick

Oh, the irony. :-)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


True, true.

Steve said...

I wasn't going to mention this yet, but since you talked about platformers, can I point you in the direction of Danger Man ( I've only just released the first beta version, and the graphics are ripped from old console games, but it's fully playable and I hope you'll think it's going in the right direction.



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