Friday, December 22, 2006

SuperTux 0.3.0 released

SuperTux 0.3.0 was released is now out in the wild. This is a preview of milestone 2, so expect something a little rough on the edges. Still, it should be fun to play and hopefully attract a bit more community help to the project. Go grab it whilst it is hot.

My favourite game Fish Fillets got a minor update to version 0.7.4, including the final level.

SuperTuxKart development has not slowed. Recently there was the contribution of an island level. With improved physics - and wheelies! - I think the next SuperTuxKart release is shaping up to be an awesome little game.


Anonymous said...

Wooohooo for SuperTux! My girlfriend will be happy!

worldtravelingauthor_overachiever said...

I need help! I have SuperTux 0.3.0 and I'm on the Forest World. I can't get to the last level, which is over on an island in the water. i have tried everything even the boat to get over there but I can't! I have beaten every level but still can't get there! help please!

qubodup said...

I think you might want to get a newer version

worldtravelingauthor_overachiever said...

why? i can't really get a new version anyways. i would get Milestone 2 but i didn't update the computer and i don't know how my uncle did it for me

qubodup said...

whoops. I wasn't paying attention and thought supertuxkart was the topic.

I guess you should try to contact the game devs via the contact info provided in the footer of

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