Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Battle Just Started 0.1.0

Battle Just Started is a fun multiplayer 3D tank game. It has slightly cartoonish graphics and a basic AI (so you can play single player) and is in the early stages of development, but there have been several releases this month already - "release early, release often!"

Also Stendhal 0.56 was released, adding a new city among other things.

Interesting FLOSS game news is a little slow on the ground at the moment.

*Charlie crouches down and puts his ear on the floor*


Anonymous said...

Time to review Soldat:

This is really the best 2D arcade worms-shooter of all time :)

nescius said...

since its dependant on direct x, there is small chance to see it under linux natively, and therefore its a vasting of time

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