Thursday, December 14, 2006

Free Ryzom

The Free Ryzom Campaign is an effort to make the code and the artwork of MMORPG Ryzom available under copyleft licenses. Just today the Free Software Foundation officially backed the campaign with a hefty $60,000 pledge.

Robert Schuster brought it to my attention. He also notes that the Ryzom team also produced the rather cool "levitating, meditating, flute-playing Gnu".

Needless to say, the gameplay video on is pretty impressive. Then again, most things are impressive to me these days since I haven't really indulged in commercial gaming since the turn of the millenium - so look for yourself!


Mantar said...

I was in on the beta briefly for Ryzom. The early game was more than a little too grind-ish for my tastes, but I must say the world was gorgeous, and the crafting part of the game is hands-down the best I'd ever seen. Most games do A+B=Long sword, but Ryzom's crafting had subtle complexities based on the exact origin of each component that allowed master craftsmen to work out 'recipes' and create items that were unique to them.

Hunting in the forests was interesting, too, as the various creatures had predator/prey and herd relationships. You had to be wary of the larger predators, and often had to try to separate a small prey animal from its herd before striking -- otherwise the big ones might come running to protect junior.

I wanted to get in on the warfare section, but that was on the other end of an immense level grind and I was only in for a short period.
All in all, it was a beautiful and interesting game. I think it could really shine if it becomes Free Software.

Benjamin said...

Thank you, i did my part to contribute.
Here's hoping it happens.

Anonymous said...

If it became free software allot of the level grind could be done away with to focus more on world experience and understanding creature habitats instead of just destroying them. But alas they lost the rights to it so maybe next time.

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