Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend Scourge

Well a few days without posting is put down to an all-day BBQ and the trappings of such social occasions. After a good rest I can think lucidly once again.

I'll start with the news that Scourge 0.14 is ready. This is a very promising RPG game that is beginning to pick up pace with new artists recently joining the project to enhance it. Whilst I'm not a massive fan of the premise for the storyline (aged has-been adventurers... need I continue?) the main developer is focused on making the game easy to extend and mod so hopefully, before long, a more serious background will be developed by the playing community.

RG Pro Hockey is a promising looking 3D ice hockey simulation. I emailed the developers and, despite the project showing few signs of recent life, they are actively working towards a 1.0 release at the end of this year. I did advise an earlier, interim release.

Release early and release often - this is the mantra of the most successful open source projects.

There was a Beats of Rage update. This old-school beat 'em up is a throw back to the arcade action of Double Dragon and also has a fork, OpenBOR. The OpenBOR forums are thriving with mods although they mostly re-use graphics from old arcade games which is legally dubious. Sadly OpenBOR seems to only be available for Windows but Beats of Rage is cross platform.


Roel said...

The screenshot displayed next to your piece about Beats of Rage was not taken from Beats of Rage, nor from openBOR. It displays Age of the Beast, a game in the same genre by the same creators, but much more advanced and currently still under development.

Roel said...

What's this then, am I not allowed to use the word "not"?

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