Thursday, June 08, 2006

Karting Race to GPL, VDrift

I contacted the author of Karting Race with regards to open sourcing the game, and he agreed! There's something to be said for GPL advocacy after all.

I really think it's a good idea... I think the main reason, that I haven't opensourced it yet, is that I think the code is too bad. Same thing when people mail me for the sourcecode because they wanna learn from it; It's just not good enough. But maybe it doesn't really matter when it comes to opensourcing...

Do you think I should just upload it to my own homepage, with a link alongside the final game?

I recommended a sourceforge project so we'll wait and see.

On a racing-related topic, VDrift will come as an autopackage for it's next release. The VDrift forums are alive with development progress and I look forward to an update to this very promising racing game. With new features and bug fixes plus cars and tracks being imported from the Racer community, this game seems to be picking up momentum.

I fully endorse Autopackage as a means to get Free games immediately available to players without the overhead of supporting multiple distros.

I'll finish off todays post by noting a few smaller games I added:

  • I remember playing Pipemania years ago and it was fun, so imagine my delight when I discovered Pipepanic last week.
  • I came across Intellidiscs a while ago too. For once a Tron-game that does not base itself on light cycles.
  • I also had not included Tower Toppler until now. For me the gameplay was slow-but-hard, a strange combination. Also the pixellated main character doesn't add much atmosphere.
  • Super Transball 2 is a fun take on the thrust genre.
As usual I can't really give each game I mention the column inches they deserve. If you want to highlight your favourites then please write a review and send it to me. Presuming it's reasonable, I'll be happy to publish any fan reviews on Free Gamer.

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Anonymous said...

Typo alert!

"I can't really each game I mention the column inches they deserve"

Missing a "give" I reckon.

Love the blog btw.

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