Monday, June 19, 2006

Oo the Madness

To any regular readers, apologies for the lapse in posting - I did, though, have a valid reason. It tooks 2 weeks to get infected and 2 days to get out of it! I blame myself for not using protection, especially when it's freely available.

Balazar Brothers


There was an update to Balazar Brothers over the weekend. This fun 3D platformer has great visuals for a Free Software game and is a little brother to Balazar. It comes from the same stable that produced Slune and Arkhart, the French setup Nekeme Prod[uctions?].

Delving deeper into Nekeme I found out that Arkhart is still being developed with a release (0.2.0) scheduled for Christmas. Whether this sees the light of day is yet to be seen, given the 3 years that has passed since the last Arkhart release, but it's good to know that the project is not dead. It's one of those open source games that you look at the website and screenshots and your jaw drops, only to close it with a sigh when you see how [in]complete it is.

Also of note whilst browsing Nekeme Prod was Bankiz!, a worms-like inspired by Liero. It's not available yet (at least, not released) but the [French] news was updated just a few days ago.

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this article looks funny (tile over screen) plz fix

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