Saturday, August 23, 2008

UNF Game Development Camp and Pandora news

Quad Fighter

Approximately 50 high school students from Denmark have participated in the UNF Game Development Camp, and two of the results have been published under some of the Creative Commons Licenses.

The seven teams' common tool was Blender and it's game engine. While the results seem very amateurish, I rather like the idea of involving children in the design of toys. Especially when preformed by non-profit organizations.

Pandora logo

The ultra-mega-super-duper portable Pandora, the ultimate open source handheld device, seems to become a reality.

Playing Quake 2 on a device slightly wider than a CD? Sounds uncomfortable. But in connection with a real keyboard and mouse, this device might be quite fun. In my opinion portable stuff just can't get small enough.

Pandora in action. Or get a good-resolution video.