Friday, January 11, 2008

SimCity open sourced for One Laptop per Child

Remember me?

SimCity, open source. The news is nearly a year old, but now it has been released and you can try to compile it. Download the source or get it via git: git clone git://
. Unfortunately neither version wanted to be built on my machine. =(

The name SimCity was removed from the game, along with the plane crash disaster. The new name is Micropolis. According to a text file in the release, child-friendly graphics are wanted for the OLPC version.

Update: Micropolis has now it's own home page.

There is a list of games for the XO, can you think of any, that would fit that list?

Spring surprise

In other news, Spring 0.76b1 has been released. The Changelog reveals that for example installing mods is now easier. Hopefully it'll work for me, until this day I was only able to run the engine tech demos. Let's go get it then!


  1. I just released the source code and binary for the TCL/Tk version of Micropolis, and the source for the new Python version, here:



  2. Thanks for the info! I have updated the post.

  3. It's cool that SimCity went open source, but hasn't it basically already been surpassed by Open Source offerings? Lincity NG looks a TON better and (despite the name) runs fine on both Linux and Windows.

    Some of the algorithms used will be interesting to study though, I imagine.

  4. There's a quick compiling howto here:

    Turn out the game uses some odd X dev libraries.

  5. Anonymous3:14 a.m.

    cool, hikari, thanks! If I get it running, I'll make a quick video.

  6. Steeley4:04 p.m.

    I've started a forum for Micropolis (see link), for anyone that wants to report bugs or request new features.

    Though, I'm very pleased that this has been released into the open. Going to make for some interesting development.

  7. Steeley4:16 p.m.

    Link has broken for whatever reason. The forum is


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