Friday, March 30, 2007

Harder Than It Should Be

Open Football

I'm really excited this morning. Go on, ask me why! Well, since you asked :-) it's because I came across a new football game project... Open Football. Ok, it's only available from SVN, the game is far from complete, but look at the screenshot. It looks full of potential! Project description:

"Open Football aims to become the new best multiplatform soccer game that everyone can enjoy. Providing arcade style playing while still mantaining the manager side of the game ensures hours of high quality, nail bitting fun."

I'm giddy just imagining it. I hope they set up some more infrastructure (think nicer phpBB forums, mailing lists etc) so people can get involved. As all you budding developers [should] know, infrastructure fosters communities. No infrastructure, no community! And the forums are a pile of stinking <censored> so don't rely on those. ;-)

So, yeah, I want to install Freeciv 2.1beta3 on my Linux laptop. What's this? I have to compile it myself? And people wonder why desktop-Linux take-up is so slow? I mean, for the love of Mary, I'm using Ubuntu... the most popular distro... yet I have to trawl forums looking for .debs of the latest release of one of the most popular Linux games, finding only broken links and "email me for it" posts. Why don't people embrace solutions like Autopackage? This is a topic I might have a big whine about someday here on FG.

Whilst searching, I did come across GetDeb. This is a nice idea, a community run portal for uploading unofficial packages for Ubuntu. There's quite a few games listed. (It amuses me that the 'games' category id is 1.) I think Autopackage needs something similar in order to bolster it's popularity. The way they list their packages is, well, rubbish.

Ok I ran out of things to talk about.

Music tip:

Jesse Garcia - Work This Pussy

*childish chuckles*