Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nexuiz 2.0 Released

Nexuiz, a rising star of open source gaming, has reached milestone 2.0. This version brings improved and optimized graphics, weapon balancing, new maps, bug fixes and a single player campaign with "advanced AI" (possibly incomplete changelog).

Here are some screenshots from the showcase video which can be seen on youtube or downloaded in a higher resolution.

My machine is not powerful enough to play this, but it looks absolutely fantastic. If you have the hardware, check it out and support the best Free games; they are community dependent.

I could, however, play Bontago. This Windows-only (boo!) freeware (boo!) title is an innovative (yay!) 3D RTS (yay!) where you use blocks to build structures and use special features to destabilize your opponents. I've contacted the authors and encouraged them to make the game Free Software so that it can be ported to other platforms and it's development continued.

Along with the Nexuiz 2.0 release, there was a note on, a site for 3D development tutorials:

3delement is a tutorial database site, holding tutorials dealing with all aspects of 3d development. Rather than going through many users sites, we catagorize thousands of tutorials for easy access. Register on our forum also to discuss 3d development.