Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weaver Updates

Everyone's favourite (read: only) open-source spell-slinging fps, Weaver, has been crunching away with art and code over the past few months. We've given them a shout out a couple of times, mainly when XReal is mentioned; in case you've forgotten: Weaver aims to be a competitive shooter with an elemental spell casting system.

They've taken a rather minimalistic approach to publicity: they don't have a introductory website, feed or any real way to keep up to date with their development other than their ticket tracker and rather quiet forums which are really not a good indication of the amount of work being done via their ethereal IRC channel (#weaver on freenode).

Loading Screen WIP

Some of the main developments of late has been work on the Menu and HUD UI's, a bunch of concept drawings by new artists who've discovered the project through some form of divination, and work on the maps/levels.

Warning: OLD
Video doesn't reflect current UI

In this day and age of people making 10 blog posts for every line of code commited, it is a rather refreshing change in FOSS game development, but maybe a bit too much so? Well, as long as we get the high quality, beautiful and innovative FPS that Weaver is shaping up to be, they can use gopher for all I care ;)

New Player Model

And just to re-drop your jaw, have a peak at their art-in-progress thread. It might look like they have a lot of art; but they need quite a bit more before they release, so if any artists are interested in joining; sign up for the forums and join their irc channel and help out!

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