Sunday, January 02, 2011

OGRE3D History: 2010

There's a retrospective of 2010 post on OGRE's blog. Here are some interesting FOSS projects they mentioned:

Project Name Type License Description
Gorilla Library     MIT GUI library
Hovercraft Game GPL* Racing *Depends on non-free fmod, havok and zoidcom
Island Hopping      Game WTFPL*     Platformer *Depends on non-free irrklang
MOGRE Library MIT Bindings for .NET
OgreKinect Library MIT Input library for Kinect
OgreProcedural Library MIT Procedural geometry library
OpenSpace3D Tool LGPL* Scene Editor *Depends (?) on non-free newton physics
QuickGUI Library LGPL GUI library
Spacescape Tool MIT Create space skyboxes with stars and nebulas
Zen Engine Library ZLib 3D game engine client framework

Spacescape running in Wine

I wasn't able to build Spacescape SVN but the 0.3 release runs fine in Wine.

Island Hopping's game over screen

Island Hopping's dependency on irrklang is probably easy to replace, so I gave it a try using Wine with success (broken sound though, go figure).

OpenSpace3D wouldn't start in wine and I don't know if it's build-able on Linux.

PS: Statistics!

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