Friday, June 18, 2010

Ufo:AI and A3P updates

A long awaited update of one of the flagship FOSS games has just been released: UFO:AI! UFO:AI (for those not in the loop) is a turn based strategy game very similar to the classic X-COM.

The improvements of the new version are multi fold; Besides big improvements to the render engine, game-play was also overhauled, but head over to their full change log to get the full picture.

Speaking of pictures, here a nice one showing the new glow effects on the world map:

(Maybe qudobup will be so nice and make a video of it too *hint*)

A3P 1.0

A3P (we mentioned it before) was also updated to its first non beta release today. You can check it out directly in your browser (a feature of the Panda3D engine used) or download it as a normal version (currently Windows only).


Julius said...

Right now the Linux version of UFO:AI mistakenly includes only the 64bit executable, but that should be fixed soon. So maybe wait a bit before downloading.

Conley said...

Media license for A3P yet?

qubodup said...

@Julius nice quick 'n dirty update! I looove this 90's neon lights UFO:AI world map ;D

@Conley: I can only see that the visual art is original (ask dev?) and that sounds are from freesound.

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