Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summering Wars and Mac OSX

Recently modeled & textured SumWars character by Evil_E

While the sun warms my body, Summoning Wars' development activity warms my fossy heart: icons are being created by hal9000, sounds are being mixed by artisticdude, music is being composed by West. And of course the 3D model, see the image on top of this post.

A new release (0.5.1) has been recently uploaded and the next release is being discussed.

One quite important planned feature is an OSX port, as there are at least two (if I recall correctly) who use that operating system to produce art for the game. CMake is used for compiling on Linux, so I suspect that porting might be in fact trivial. If you can help with the task, please report to their forums/irc! :)


Julius said...

I just now got the chance to try out that game, and while the lack of music and most sounds really make it not fun playing right now, the potential seems to be really there!

Do they have plans to integrate a better lightning in the engine btw? Right now it looks pretty much full bright :(

qubodup said...

Julius: i agree with all of your points! I don't know their lightning plans, but their aim is a dark theme rpg, so I'm sure they'll do more advanced lighting sooner or later :)

Anonymous said...

There is more to porting than a build system... though it certainly helps.

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