Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forum un-down #5

Short version: feel free & safe to use the Forum again. The old posts might or might not be added to the posts we post from now on later.

Longer version: there is still hope that the files (and posts) will be restored but of course no guarantee. Having a job doesn't help the server administration spend money on trying to restore the files.

However, I was assured, that the posts we write from now on will be preserved, even if the old posts get restored. I told otherwise in a previous post's comment before.

I'm sure you are curious about whether the forum software is responsible for the data loss. It is not. It was me, not bothering to check whether the posts get saved in the database or not. The default behavior is to save to files, saving to db would have to be enabled.


ElCuGo TK said...

A forum saving post to files seem like a weird default.

I hope the posts get restored, there were a lot of great info in them :(.

Arthur said...

Thanks for the information.
I'm glad to know that we can write stuff now and not get trouble with it later.

Unknown said...

Be sure to post if the recovery doesn't work, I'm sure someone in the community will have an idea about how to recover the files. Er, hopefully.

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