Monday, October 05, 2009

Forum down #2

Permission to panic given.

We didn't lose the databse, but it might be that we lost the files. Unfortunately the messages of the forum are saved as files. Check this out (but don't post) to see how a 'full' forum without messages looks like.

So this is the 'message-only backup' I was talking about in previous post.

We still might be lucky and the filesystem can be recovered. It's 400GB big and it takes a week to download that, so expect having to wait...

Waiting is the magical word here.


I'm very unhappy about the forum and how not having it around might affect the community members and especially the projects that use it as part of their infrastructure..


pzi said...

oh,nooooo! PANIC!

KIAaze said...

What about the wiki?

KIAaze said...

Also, where are the 400GB backup being downloaded (or uploaded) from?

qubodup said...

The there is a backup of the wiki mysql database but I haven't tried re-installing it locally yet.

One piece of info: fud can also save msg in db. Redundant info if the filesystem can't be restored but useful info if it can be restored.

I think that it's being downloaded by the server admins (g and h) over internet to their pcs.

Jacky J said...

Why is it 400GB?

qubodup said...

Because it's the whole partition.

The whole partition needs to be available to be able to try to save it.

Jacky J said...

Damn, that's intense.

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