Friday, January 16, 2009

Releases - Teeworlds, GearHead2, FreeCol, more

These days there's a flurry of open source game development activity and I don't have time to blog or follow it closely, but here's a highlight of some of the most recent game developments.

Teeworlds 0.5.0 is out. Everybody's favourite game about tea, where you have an entire world of tea bags and... wait, Q is whispering something to me... *listens*

Oh, it's not about tea. The clue was the double-e apparently. Still, despite the disappointing news that there still isn't a game dedicated to my favourite beverage, Teeworlds 0.5.0 is the largest update to the game yet. New features to everybody[ who doesn't love OpenLieroX or another game I can't think of]'s favourite 2D deathmatch Free project include demo recording, a revamped server browser and in-game voting, as well as a a gazillion changes under the hood. There is also a new, shiny 16-player limit.

FreeCol! The game where you get to free Colin! Right?! No? Dammit.... !

Ooooh, the col is short for colonization, which has nothing to do with turning the things into colons but everything to do with creating a new country on new land. Aaah, so, FreeCol 0.8.0 brings lots more polish - bugfixes, music, gameplay tweaks, graphical enhancements - to a project that seeks to embody and improve upon the original game (and succeeds).

Warzone 2100 2.1.1, bugfixes, and it's about war in a zone! I knew it, at least one game had to be guessable from the name!

There's some really interesting posts on the Worldforge dev blog these days. All aggregated on the planet - which isn't actually a planet, or technically attempting to be one, so don't visit it and be disappointed at finding a collection of feeds on Free Software game development. Anyhow, here's a video showing the compass in Ember (note: website is out of date, currently releases is 0.5.5), one of many recent Worldforge developments:

Whenever I see people saying, "Hey, let's create the next world of warcraft or an amazing 3D single player RPG!" I think, why don't you guess help with the Worldforge project. And nobody ever does. And they end up ditching their dreams to become an alpha mud. Like Radakan did.

Back to Worldforge, it's quite impressive these days. Whilst it is client-server based, it has a nicely featured persistent AI server, and the focus seems to be somewhat on non-MMORPG features even though it is an MMORPG toolset. So, if you want to make an RPG or MMORPG, unless you're a blood relative of John Carmack, stop thinking you can do it all yourself when these guys have been designing and implementing it for 10 years and thought through all the problems you don't yet know you have yet to face. Instead, start by prototyping your game on Worldforge. That's an official Free Gamer blog mandate / recommendation. :-)

GearHead2 0.532, lots of bugfixing.

I know I'm missing something other than screenshots and good jokes... there's a game release I've forgotten to mention. Sadly, for comedians everywhere who get relatively funnier when I'm typing, I have to go.


Anonymous said...

You indeed missed something: Spring RTS also had a release this monday.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Radakan won't become a mud.
I suppose the Radakan history page wasn't very clear, so I've reworded it a bit.

qubodup said...

Yay for Charlie being on full speed! :)

Andrew said...

When it comes to open source game development I think you have to come into it understanding that it's going to take many years.

That's why on my Hardwar blog I have put that exactly..

"This is a long term project that will take many years to complete, please do not be fooled into thinking there will be a release anytime soon."

It's a shame that people expect immediate results when you're programming in your spare time and what I have noticed is that people just loose interest because of impatience.

With that said there's a lot of artwork that needs doing even while I am working on the code so please email me if interested.

Petrell said...

Some recent game updates:

Angband V. 3.1.0 beta
FlightGear V. 1.9.0
Battle for Wesnoth V. 1.5.7 (devel.)
King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown V. 4.0 Enhanced Edition
Lost Labyrinth V. 3.4.0
Simutrans V. 101.0 (r2207)

eris said...

that other 2d game you cant think of.. is it soldat?

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