Friday, November 21, 2008

Warzone 2100's new terrain

Warzone 2100's new look

Development of new, experimental terrain renderer for Warzone 2100 has started. It blends textures depending on terrain and it looks freaking awesome. For comparison: an example of the old terrain.

Four CGTextures-textures (at 1024x1024 pixels) were kindly permitted to be used under GPL terms. But more are needed. If you happen to have some mad texturing skillz up your sleeves: Warzone 2100 needs you! You can see the current tile sets, that need replacement, here.


Andrew said...

I don't see the different between the old and new warzone textures, could you put up old and new pictures on the blog?

As for the getting texture relicensed, why not just go out and make your own texutures. All you need is a good camera and some image editing skills.

I read through the forum, but there is no suggestion as to what kind of textures are needed, snow covered textures? Grass Textures? It's a little confusing

qubodup said...


Click on the image at the top of the post and compare it to the 'an example' link. It's only the terrain textures by the way.

I have no good camera. And the nature of the required textures ("cover an area of 10-20 meters squared in real life") makes the job a bit harder I think. No offense, but I'd like to see you or anyone come up with CGTextures-quality just like that.

True, the thread was written assuming that the reader knows what textures need to be replaced. (All that are being used in the game that is.) I'll link the texture sets that need replacement in the post.

Andrew said...

A camera and a ladder! If I wasn't so busy I would accept your challenge. :)

qubodup said...

Andrew: XD


I will have to totally do this!

qubodup said...

saleel: I removed your post for obvious reasons. If this is link spam, congratulations on making a non-spam impressions.


The new functionality is in SVN only currently. If you read the threads linked in this post, you will know what branch of the wz2100 SVN to check out.

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