Monday, September 15, 2008

qubodup and SiENcE on German TV

Left to right: SiENcE, qubodup

Update: The video can be viewed on YouTube (the part about us starts at 18 seconds).

Hello friends.

Today's post is just a quickie: I (involved in some stuff) and SiENcE (involved in both Iris 2 and OGRE) were interviewed by Cornelia Rettig for 3sat's neues (in German). We talk about open source and hobby game development, visit the Free Gamer blog, the FreeGameDev forum and wiki and show Iris 2, OGRE and SuperTuxKart.

I am ever so excited.

If I understand correctly, you are able to watch the full show inside a time frame of two weeks. Here's a direct link to a asx (windows media player steam file, Kaffeine was able to play it for me.)

You can read these news in the Iris 2 blog too! Also there's an article on 3sat's homepage and you can read an auto-translated English version (using google tools).

In case there's interest in an English version of a transcript of the show, I guess I could do it...... just tell so via the contact link at the top of the blog or via posting a comment in the blog or in the forum. A longer post by me is coming up soon by the way. :)

One step closer to world domi... ah, that joke is getting weak. :p


Anonymous said...


Didn't get the stream to run properly though, even the download via vlc had problems.

Damn you Öffendlich Rechtliches Fehrnsehn, what do I not pay GEZ for???

Anonymous said...

:( What a shame! I can't see the video.

Jacky J said...

qubodup you've made me so proud

Jacky J said...

Oh yeah, hey qubodup what you do in life if open source simply didn't exist?

cherryprice said...

Yeah nice guys but I thought qubodup would look a little bit more OpenSourceRebel like. ;)

Maxim said...

Congratulations on the interview !
I am very happy that you made it to the "big screen" , I don't know German therefore I didn't even try to view the video.
If you could make subtitles it would be great.

Good luck.

SiENcE said...

Hey qubodup,

i dumped the video, maybe we can make an translated version of it. It's also interesting for the Ogre community.

saleel said...

Hi qubodup, congrats for your interview.couldn't understand the video since it is in german.

Szymon said...

german? Too bed i'm alergic to germach sprache ;-) Could you do a translation? English? Possibly Polish? :D

qubodup said...

anony, sigazil: Didn't work online either?

I wanted to upload the video anonymously, but I think I'll rather go the clean way. It would be a shame if we got into trouble or 3sat would have to become more paranoid because of me uploading one video. There will be transcripts though.

jacky j: I did? :D why thank you! I guess I would invent the open source ;) or maybe die as a photographer in some war zone maybe.

cherryprince: nah, we were all for the free software hippie look there ;) and I hate dealing with long hair :| and my beard growth is irregular :(

maxim: :D heh, it's not the 'big' screen yet :) cinema's still waiting for us! I hope the transcript will be of interest for you.

saleel: well, there will be a transcript. but thanks for looking ^^

szymon: oh well I would love to know polish (lots of pretty polish girls I know) but the circumstances didn't allow me to learn it yet. Also unfortunately "ah polish? probably totally like russian" is absolutely non-true. :| You'll get English ;)

Anonymous said...

It seems that the video bit rate is too high for my connection (1000 Kbps). The video appears, but it plays at 1 frame per hour :P

KIAaze said...

Where's the helmet? xD

cherryprice said...

I just thought maybe an eyepatch or a hook or something like that ;)

Maybe I could do a polish version but I thinkt it would take a long time cause my spelling is so bad.

And its not like russian,some words,more like serbian/croatian.

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