Monday, December 10, 2007

Allo Allo with Allacrost

Ok, I've been slacking. I could make excuses (please somebody tell me a cheat so I can complete level 50 of Kobo Deluxe) but I won't.

Another Hero of Allacrost release is up for grabs on their website. This version does bring a few new features to the current tech demo status of the project, but it's a major rewrite of several parts so versions will hopefully be coming thicker and faster in the next few months.

I tried it out and it's impressive, although not very expansive yet. If they can keep up the production quality and go on to make a full game, it's going to be an amazing game indeed.

Fortress WIP

There has been plenty of work on the project that was started here earlier this year - Fortress. Check out the castle components courteousy of our very own povray magician, Rushhour. There'll be a playable tech demo soon so I'll post news of that when it arrives!

Sun Dog Resurrection is a project to make a Free Software successor to the classic game Sun Dog for the Apple II (now that's going back a ways). What makes this project interesting is that it's the original Sun Dog game author who instigated it. They had been a bit stagnant but there's activity on the project page.

Project Apricot got it's blog going. It's syndicated on the FreeGameDev planet, as are many other Free Software game project / developer blogs, so if you enjoy this blog then the planet is a good place for you to go as well.


Anonymous said...

My highest level in Kobo Deluxe is somewhere in the 130s..
As I recall, level 50 is the last before the wraparound-only-harder levels.

I believe I posted this once on happypenguin, but anyway, the trick to beating level 50 is to leave the station alone and focus on clearing out the blue globes. It may not seem like it, but they are finite in number. Kill enough and they stop appearing.
Take note that they only explode when they come onto a horizontal or vertical line from you, and you can use that knowledge (with some quick reflexes) to change direction appropriately so you can either blast them diagonally, or at least maximize your distance from them when they explode. After they explode you'll want to wait for their shots to spread far enough apart so you can slip through, and then do so to get them off the screen as quickly as you can before another globe appears. Then look at your position relative to the station and back away if necessary.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Eventually you'll hardly see any globes anymore, and after you're pretty sure they're gone, you can (cautiously!) approach the station to whittle away at it with hit and run attacks. The station itself is nearly as deadly as the globes, so be very careful.
It took me a while, but I did it -- and did it again, only harder, on level 100 -- so it is possible.
It's just old-school Williams Electronics hard.

Rodolfo Borges said...

I believe this "finite number" is 64. (I looked into source code once.) But counting them is hard, 'cause you want 100% of your attention span dedicated to avoiding death.

My hint to when is a good time to start attacking the base is: wrap around the map two times without seeing a single blue globe. Then it should be clear enough. But note that there are still some of them around, so be very watchful while attacking the base.

The base itself is pretty easy. Sure there are a lot of shots, but they are 100% predictable. Just keep running horizontally on a fixed direction, and you can hit the base without having to dodge the shots. The only problem is the sudden appearance of a remaining blue globe.

I went past level 700 on the original xkobo, and about 200 on kobo deluxe. Now I'm into gridwars2.

Anonymous said...

cool! So one can beat it after all! ^^

Hey, Charlie - The blog looks funny in Konqueror 3.3.2 '.'

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