Monday, November 19, 2007

Dreaming of a Sensi Xmas

Yoda Soccer

Yoda Soccer 0.73 came out at the start of November - looks like that one slipped past most of the open source community. However it looks like 0.73 will be the last release for this Sensible Soccer clone. Whilst they have gone most of the way to recreating the classic game, the limitations of the platform used to create it (the proprietary BlitzMax) means the authors have created a new project, Open World Soccer, which will be a Sensi clone in C++. There is already an alpha release (very alpha) which shows off higher res graphics although not much more. For those people pining for a bit of Sensi nostalgia, try out Yoda Soccer which is relatively complete.

The Castle 0.8 is available for download. It's still a bit of a tech demo, but the initial level looks promising. It's nice to see somebody making progress with a single player FPS game, although there is still a long way to go with this one.

Dream Chess

Dream Chess 0.2 is pretty amazing as far as chess games go. I can't wait for them to add FICS [Free Internet Chess Server] support although that could spell doom for this blog as I'm short on time as it is! ;-)

I tried out Secret Maryo Chronicles the other day, checking it out as a potential game for my son. I couldn't believe how good it has become. Just 6 months ago gameplay was dodgy, sprites and sounds were ripped. It was a mess. Now, it makes Super Tux look like ordinary Tux. It takes a classic and gives it high res graphics and a cute facelift and everything just seems to be better done than Super Tux. At least SMC doesn't pretend to not be a Mario clone and just indulges in it's heritage. I hope the Super Tux developers see it and use it as a cue to make Super Tux not so Super Mario.


colonp said...

Proper OWS url seems to be

Also, I tried Maryo some time ago, and found it very hard to control. Might be because I didn't have proper controller for that sort of game.

Also also, I tried Yoda Soccer, and it has too many gameplay probs to be fun imo - ball oddly sticking to opponent behind your player, keeper being retarded, and only the "a button" working for some reason. Oh and no sliding tackle :(

Justin said...

It seems to me, in reference to the SMC and ST that altogether the Free Games community really has to make it a rule to quit with the clones. People played these games 10 years ago. They're cool, and everyone should be free to code what they want, but if we want free gaming to be escalated to a worthwhile endeavor, I think it's paramount that we start creating new games, with at least novel or altered gameplay, or at least improved, and that we focus on mkaing new IPs that can branch out into other areas. Mario has dozens of games, why cant we start creating open content stuff that can survive through several games, and have other media created for them too? I don't know if I'm making any sense, but I think it comes down to more than just how much do you clone something, but rather how do we stop cloning and start creating open media that can be adapted to many projects, game and otherwise. We have Tux, but really where are our open content characters that can be featued in games, animation, manga, fiction etc?

Anonymous said...

Eh that version of Yoda Soccer came out a year ago!

Tumbleweed said...

*rolls through*

STEVE said...

keep it up. there are just marvellous games. i tried most of them . . :) ..:-)

Irrevenant said...

Your last paragraph seems self-contradictory. First you say that it's good that SMC "doesn't pretend to not be a Mario clone and just indulges in it's heritage" then you say that Super Tux should be "not so Super Mario". So which is it. [confused]

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