Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yeah, yeah, been quiet, will change, etc

Some people can organise themselves really well and accomplish everything they want to each day. Sadly that's not me!

However now my girlfriend is away for 2 months which means I have a lot of extra time. ;-)


Anyhow, OpenCity 0.0.5beta is available for download. It's not much of a game yet but is a promising start. Underwater schools aside, the user interface is quite nice, it seems solid enough, and the codebase looks like it is engineered with lots of original features. "Starting earthquake subsystem" is one of the impressive phrases to read when starting the game.

I also had a go at the latest Ghouls and Ghosts Remix release. Nostalgic! It's very good fun except for two things 1) it's insanely hard [or is that part of the fun?] and 2) the keys are not Linux friendly. Using alt/ctrl for jump/shoot and arrow keys for movement isn't a good idea when ctrl+alt combined with arrow keys tends to interact with your window manager (as with most modern distros). Oops.

I have more important things to talk about though. FreeArtSearch is a project by Ghoulsblade/Hagish (SFZ developers, FG forum hosts, among other things) to create a place where artwork for games is indexed all in a single place. It has automated tag clouds and lots of other features engineered towards making it easy to track down art relevant to your needs.

They also set up Planet FreeGameDev, a place where people's Free game development blogs are getting syndicated. Want your blog there? Post here or in the forums. Where those two get the time to set up all these things, make games (interesting SFZ information/videos in that link), and attend university, who knows!


q said...

yay you not dead. gmail supports imap now btw.

federico.almada said...


I dont have your email, but if you can... visit my site ( read this entry, and send me a comment (so as to have your mail, and contact you), just to have a banner on the header of my site pointing at your excellent blog.

And... dont say that to your girlfriend, she may read it and you wwill have problems later haha ;)

Mantar said...

The original arcade game Ghouls'n'Ghosts (as well as Ghosts'n'Goblins, of which it is a sequel) was really a vicious little game. It took a lot of practice to be any good, and the game was cruel enough to implement the whole "Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle" mechanic. Basically it forced you to play all the way through more than once to get the "good" ending. (Or was that only the first game? I don't remember if they did that in Ghouls as well.)

Radiated_Snake said...

Charlie, you liar! there were no update because you played FreeCiv Stable Version 2.1.0 that was released some time ago! ;)
Btw. there is new RC of Warzone 2100, but whit very nasty bug that blocks game after 3-4 mission...
anyway Regards!

rabyte said...

Actually, it's illegal to distribute this remake of Ghouls'n'Ghosts in its current form as it's mainly using copyrighted material from the Capcom game. Hope this gets sorted out soon, would hate to see such a nice project be marred by copyright issues.
The following might also be of interest:
The "author/s" of this game deliberately ignore licenses and copyright, even insulting the original creators. As these cases seem to occur more often now (Darsana, anyone? Just a minor issue, but principles do matter, right?), I think there might be the need to do something about it. Maybe an organized effort to approach such issues could be of help.

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