Thursday, October 11, 2007

SilverTree and FIFEngine

Two big releases in the last 48 hours - SilverTree 0.2, the RPG by Wesnoth developers, and FIFEngine that comes with a CC-by-SA licensed techdemo.

Starting with SilverTree, the main gameplay aspects have all now been implemented: you can explore, talk to NPCs, fight, learn skills, gather equipment, and so forth. There is a simple adventure included which can be played through to completion.

Version 0.2, which should run on the 3 major platforms and be portable to others, is still an unpolished game but the development momentum is there and since it is now playable you can get a very good idea of the direction the game is going in. I wouldn't be surprised to see a much nicer 0.3 release before Christmas.

FIFEngine Tech Demo

Turning our attention to FIFEngine, version 2007.2 comes with a very nice looking techdemo which has a syndicate-ish feel to it. There are major changes to the engine which brings with it a host of cool new features:

  • SWIG binding so more scripting languages are supported.

  • New 3d geometry system. Camera supports now tilt, rotation and zoom.

  • New event channel module. Scripts have full access to mouse, keyboard & widget input.

  • Improved action-based animation system.

  • A techdemo to give game creators a starting point. This is a common undertaking of the Zero-Projekt team and FIFE.

Author mvBarracuda posted more details in the FG forum.

I'm hoping that this rather awesome looking techdemo, licensed under the CC-by-SA after some lobbying by FG forum members, will be the starting point of a good game. Sometimes such a seed being sown can grow even if you didn't initially intend it to.

There's a new Snowballz release (0.9.5) that comes with some user requested features (grouping) as well as music and terrain elevation now affects gameplay, plus all the fixes that usually accompany a Free / Open Source Software game release.


Anonymous said...

I haven't played it yet but the screenshot looks really impressive!

roger said...

I have no luck with Silvertree. Previous versions doesnt run on my PC. The last one doesnt compiles.

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