Thursday, August 16, 2007

Releases on the Horizon

Well what would you know. There actually was plenty happening yesterday just I wasn't looking in the right places...

The assualt course racing game Sturmbahnfahrer has been renamed for reasons of political correctness. The new name is Stormbaan Coureur (dutch for "assault course racer") and there is a new release, version 1.5, which has save points, a half pipe, turntables, brakelights and more. It is currently only available as a source download, but hopefully that'll change soon. Whilst the game is aimed at Linux, it uses PLIB and ODE so is theoretically compilable on anything those two support (which is all major platforms).


Stormbaan Coureur is also the basis for another game - crashtest, the education crash test simulator for Linux. Interesting... :-)

There's also a new version of the Atomic Tanks. It's a worms clone and the project makes regular releases. Good stuff.

There's a lovely long post on the Vega Strike devblog from the project leader: version 0.5.0 looks a little closer! Basically the summer has given several core developers time to smash through bugs in SVN, implement some smart new features, and create an improved universe to roam about in. The only word of caution is that it seems VS SVN needs lots of memory. Hopefully they can slim that down a little prior to release.

There's an update in denial of project death on the Ecksdee wiki. It's been a while since the last release of this Wipeout-style futuristic racing game. There's been lots of development activity so hopefully that will result in a playable release in the near future.

And probably the best bit of news for the day - Freeciv 2.1beta6 is going to be out in the next few days. They built a 2.1beta5 release but it had a fatal flaw in it so announcements were shelved and a beta6 release is planned once the problems are ironed out. I look forward to it! :-)


Anonymous said...

Atomic Tanks is more of a Scorched Earth clone, rather than a Worms clone.

Nonetheless, you rock. :-)

hikari said...

Actually Scorched Earth is based off of the old Gorillas game. So if you think about it, this is a upgraded Gorillas clone. ^_^


Mantar said...

Actually, Gorillas is based on the even older Artillery games.

Jake said...

actually Artillery is based on this really old game called "water balloon toss". An even older version was called bladder toss...but the GUI needed a lot of work for it to catch on.


mantar said...

Actually, bladder toss was based on the even older "OG THROW ROCK AT THAG" game. It had a very limited distribution, and half the player-base really hated it. The game became abandonware after Og, the developer, was trampled by a mammoth.

hikari said...

I think mantar wins...

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