Monday, August 20, 2007

New Sauerbraten Release

Sauerbraten has a new release with 2007-08-19 "Summer Edition". There's tons of new small features although nothing really stands out - but perhaps that's me just being ignorant of some jargon in the changelog. What does stand out is the absurdly impatient community reaction to the release. Read the linked thread to see what I mean.


I came across a fork of LieroX, itself a Liero-clone, in the Gentoo forums where the team seem to be posting news updates. OpenLieroX is a real-time, brutal, excessive Worms-clone with lots of levels and mods. Interesting. :-)

OpenLieroX is available for Windows and Mac OS X from Sourceforge, although it seems Linux users will have to compile it or wait for distro support.

One of the lesser-known open source Elite-inspired games is Elite Strike (a Vega Strike mod). After a period of relative inactivity, development has resumed. Whilst the game has a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Oolite, it's good to see the game isn't dead. Elite Strike aims to have more detailed models and graphics than Oolite.

I started a new blog called "The Free Desktop" as I wanted to post articles on things Free Software but not gaming. Somehow I got linked on the popular site Linux Today. I only mention it because, amusingly, people were accusing me of being on the payroll of Microsoft and/or Opera because I criticised Firefox. Then I see people swearing at the Sauer devs for not immediately posting Mac binaries. How wonderfully irrational people can be.

As a Free Software developer or advocate, we expose ourselves directly to the vocal minority of critical end users - so one of the best things to learn is not to be insulted by anything they say. Reacting only makes them happy and you stressed. It doesn't matter what some ignorant fool says as long as you stay calm and true to your principles. Such people will quickly disappear in Internet anonymity. Their comments are often worthless and not worth responding to. Next time somebody slams your game, remember that many others enjoyed your efforts and they are the people you should focus on.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing your blog, it's always great to read! And saves a lot of time ,too....

Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with you, and I take this chance to give you thanks for all your efforts on Freegaming-opensource world.

Anonymous said...

This is the site i visit every day.
Thank you for your work !!

Andrew said...

I don't see anyone calling you a MS shill in the comments.

You don't give examples of how Firefox is bloated though so basically its your own fault if your are getting negative comments. You yourself are giving negative comments with no proof.

mikeyg said...

Although to be fair some things are not so easy to prove, as an individual at least. Such as propensity to crash - which it does regularly for me on Ubuntu and perceived slowness - java style hangs for several seconds. Even for memory usage it is difficult to be scientific.

Though I know some of the time it is being rated relative to other browsers other times it is being compared to past experiences with older versions of FF. In this case I do think the biggest factor is that websites that are becoming more bloated, more so than the browsers viewing them.

Charlie said...

Andrew: look here.

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