Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Snippets and Tidbits

Due to personal reasons Free Gaming has been a bit slow lately. Here's a few snippets...

I'm off to suffer having lost my gal to her desire to be free! If only the female mind were open source...


Cellfisher said...

>If only the female mind were open

Well, I guess this is one of the cases where security through obscurity is actually working.

Releasing the female mind source code sounds nice, but what's the use if it takes 20 years to compile? And if you just plan to read the code and learn some secrets from it, you should know that it's undocumented and uncommented, and that Mr. God didn't exactly write it in C++.

Paweł Różański said...

Well, "Next version of True Combat: Elite" (.49) will be in ... let say 10 years ? :) I like it - .48 is nice, but it has been year from it.
I'll wait.. but please drop "first Free Software Linux game to ship with HDR lighting"

Nexuiz has HDR AND it's released. :>:>

But to be frank, IMHO TC:E will have better HDR - offline precomputed = no FPS loss.

GameGod said...

Nexiuz has HDR lighting?
It's kinda tough to tell from some of the screenshots (I guess it's just the visual style of the game that makes it that way).

(Is it the precomputed HDR stuff that I'm used to seeing? What does HL:2 Lost Coast use?)

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